First Post

This is my first attempt at having a blog, so please bear with me, OK? I belong to Bleeding Pinstripes, and thought I’d open up a blog just for suffering Yankee fans in New England. I’ve lived here over 30 years, and my experiences are many…

Here’s just 1: I was wearing my Yankee jacket the other day when an older man (and I’m 58) looked at me and said " What an ugly jacket !" I didn’t know what to say,but a friend had a quippy comeback for me if this ever happens again….just say, "Sir, this isn’t a jacket – it’s a mirror."

Anybody else want to share the hatred dumped upon us loyal Yankee fans in New England?

Ras #45




    congrats on your blog

    (Bleding Pinstripes is one of my favorite blogs here)

    go Yankees!

  2. Bill

    Does anybody know how I can get this blog listed? It doesn’t appear in the list, as Bleeding Pinstripes does….
    Ras #4

  3. Bill

    They love this in Boston, especially Varitek…

    Alex Rodriguez caught the crowd’s attention in the seventh when the Kiss Cam focused on the Yankees’ dugout. Seeing his mug on the screen high above the right-center field seats, A-Rod threw his hands in the air and planted a smooch on Phillips’ head.

    “I loved it; they loved it,” A-Rod said of the crowd’s reaction. “They couldn’t get enough of it. Andy said, ‘Do it again.’ ”


    I see the Boston puppy even follows you here Ras


    I don’t live in Boston (thank GOD…no offense) but the most ridiculous thing I saw from Red Sox fan was during New England’s first Superbowl parade the “fans” chanted “Yankees S*ck” That made sense.

  5. Bill

    Yes, it kinda looks like the “Boston puppy” has found me. Maybe she wears a shirt like this lady(?)in my office does. It’s Yankee blue, has # 13 on it, with “A-Rod *****” on the top, and and the front it says “You can take all of your rings and shove them up your a##.” I’m serious, folks. Real class, eh????

    It’s great being a Yankee fan here !!!!

    Builds character.

    Ras #45


    I’m also a 3rd generation Yankee fan living in Massachusetts. I get yelled at from passing cars for my T shirts, etc… but I gotta admit it’s also a lot of fun. You go to other places in the country and you don’t find this kind of passion. Go into a convenience store in New England and 9 times out of 10, somebody’s talking about this rivalry. It’s what makes it so much fun… and part of what makes the Yankees the greatest team (by virtue of how completely they have dominated this running debate over the years).

    Good luck with the blog – I’ll check in again. 🙂


    Good post Ras, that second one with the lady and the shirt is rough, nothing really suprises me when it comes to Red Sox Fan. I suppose if you have the been the bane of a teams’ existence for close to 100 years there could be some frustration built up, and all they can show for it is 1 world series and a bunch of lame t-shirts. We have bigger fish to fry and a Rangers game about to get underway so let’s Go Yanks!!

  8. Beth

    Welcome to the fold, Ras. We Yankee fans here are a good bunch, so you’ve got great company.

    As for horror stories, my dad’s from Boston, so we go up there to visit family often, and since he’s a Red Sox fan, he tries to go to as many games as he can. I can remember having beer dumped on me at a Sox/Yanks game once by some drunken buffoon who didn’t like my hat.


    First Post,***** right! how in the another world could Boston Redsox ballclub illegally extend their territorial water of the league westwardly beyond Pacific Ocean to Yokohama? Their 2007 Active Roster schedule reviewing is too painful experience to me. I couldn’t believe my bare eyes after watching their Seattle Mariners game No.2 in TV Simulcast and these poor RedSox fans’ show display of ignorance about Japanese baseball. The youngster pitcher in the “another” Japanese Baseball League attempting to dump Ichiro and Jojima? Who cares! NY Yankees are talking about whether the “another league” Japanese speedstar pitcher can make starting pitcher roster. In the another baseball world,all Boston RedSox fans are turning into Japanese “BOJ” cowards,nuts or something?

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