“Friendly Fenway”

Anybody got any favorite stories from the bandbox? My favorite is one day I was sitting there during a Yankee/Sawk game, with none of my Yankee stuff on, and not outwardly rooting for my beloved Yanks. It took about 2 innings for a few creeps in back of me to start throwing beer on me. I went to an usher, and he turned his back on me. Unfortunately, I had to leave the game. Haven’t been back there since….

Ras #45



  1. John

    Great name for your blog – got me ****** in and had to read all the stories. I love this stuff! Though as a Twins fan taunting angry CWS backers has nothing on the BOS-NYY feud. Have you lived down 2004 yet Ras?

  2. Bill

    I was stupid enough to think that these idiots would tone down their hatred after their World Championship in ’04…silly me, it’s WORSE !!! Go figure. I’d love to have a nickel every time I’ve heard a Sawk fan say, “I hate EVERYTHING about NY”. I’d be able to retire by now. This is more than a rivalry, it’s a real sickness in the minds of Red Sox fans. Trust me – it’s just mind-boggling !!!
    Ras #45

  3. Bill


    I’ve gotta read your book. Maybe that’s why I’ve been placed in Boston as a Yankee fan….it’s a test of being persecuted….


    Bill (aka Ras #45) IHS

  4. luckyleftie300@aol.com

    Boston Puppy that kills me Ras…I have never been to Boston so I can’t comment on the attitudes of those people even though I’m sure it’s neve kind to Yankee fans there. I live in San Diego and have had rocks thrown in my direction and slurs and all kinds of trash just for wearing Yankee garb. Granted that was when we were in our dynasty run and fresh off a four game *** whoopin of the Padres so maybe it was slightly warranted. Great Blog, can’t wait to see some new posts!

  5. yankeechic24@hotmail.com

    Love this.. Went to Fenway once with a few friends. wearing my beloved Yankee “Matsui” jersey, and some “IDIOT” behind me tossed beer at me.. I guess he thought he was a big guy tossing beer at a female. I will never return to Fenway. I will drive my 4-41/2 hours to NY

  6. e38s@yahoo.com

    Throwing an $8 beer on someone just shows the mentality of the thrower!! LOL I will never get why some fans are so “nasty” when rooting for their team?

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