Fenway “fans” VS Yankee Stadium fans

Hi everybody. I haven’t been to The Stadium since back in the early 60’s (shame on me…but it’s a long $$$ story as to why I haven’t ventured south – I’ve wanted to, but I just always lack funds for it…). Up here in enemy territory, all the Sawk "fans" say that Yankee fans in The Stadium act as bad as the "fans" in Fenway do….I used to attend Sawk/Yankee games in NYC when I lived there, and I never saw the abuse these Sawk fans" say they’ve been subjected to. Can any Yankee fans enlighten us ????


Ras #45

PS: who can tell me why I sign "Ras #45" ????



  1. chad_paquette@hotmail.com

    related to Dennis Rasmussen?

    I am a Yankee fan living in Northern Vt, I teach in a high school and I have many experiences with Sawks fans, they aren’t all bad, my father is a lifelong Red Sox fan and he is fine, he hates the Yankees and it breaks his heart that I bleed pinstripes, but we can still watch games together. I get a real kick out of some of the Sox posters around here, they are pretty funny with some of the nonsense they spout..except for that 14 year old twit-the boston puppy, probably one of my less intelligent students, sure acts like it.

  2. andy5353@aol.com

    Chad-I am actually smart if you can believe that.Anyways,RED SOX WON!YANKEES THEY UMMMM…o yeah lost! we are still 1.5 games ahead!

  3. Bill

    Bingo. Chad, you win the prize. Not related to him, but share the same last name..
    Ras #45

    PS: ironically, my 17 year old son’s name is Chad…. 🙂

  4. andy5353@aol.com


  5. e38s@yahoo.com

    As an avid Tribe fan, I attended a coupla’ games in NY, and in Boston. By far, the fans in NY were the worst. I saw them berate a man and his son, who were wearing Indians gear so bad the child cried and they left! I made a comment about Bernie Williams’ arm not as good as it used to be, BUT, commented on his great guitar playing and fans behind us started in on us. So much so, it made it really uncomfortable.
    It’s a game, teams we root for day in, day out. They have us fighting in the stands, making comments to each other that are horrible on websites. And in the end, it’s just a business to them. They trade your favorite player to a team you root against, raise ticket prices, etc.

    It’s a game, it’s a sport. We should be able to rag on each other but not be cruel. We have guys in places fighting for the right for us to be in the ballpark. In the end, let’s try and remember that. Let’s not be so cruel that we can’t raise a beer after all is said and done and congratulate the winner, console the loser, and promise to get ya’ next time!

    ETS IAFF # 2450

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