The HLI (hate level index) will rise a bit today……

Look out, there will be MANY Sawk fans that will be very angry today – the news of us getting Abreu & Lidle without giving up Hughes, plus the fact that the Angels beat up Shilling (aka Big Mouth) yesterday in their own park, will push out the venom bigtime !

Let’s Go Yanks !!!!!!




    Yeah It was a loss but we can handle losses!We know losses happen! We are still in first place by the way!if Abreu could hit maybe i would be more upset aBOUT YOU GUYS TRADING FOR HIM!lidle could be a bust too but,he has to be better then chacon or wright!
    -Kaylee(aka The Boston Puppy)

  2. Bill

    “If Abreu could hit” ?????
    Guess you’re still not paper trained, Boston Puppy. You don’t know what you’re talking about….bad puppy !!!

    Abreu is a *very good* major league ALL STAR…..guess I’ll put you back in your cage now, Boston Puppy !!!

    Ras #45

  3. Bill

    BTW, what happened to boy genius Theo ? Did he crumble when the pressure got more intense ???????
    Ras #45


    I find it hilarious how Red Sox fans diminish the talent of Bobby Abreu. Now if he were wearing their uni tonight, I highly doubt they would be singing the same tune. I also read one Red Sox blog today comparing the Matsui and Sheff injuries to Dinardo and Foulke. Those fans are hilarious sometimes.


    Yeah theo forgot we needed pitching I guess!A lot of good david wells 8 runs in 4 innings yeesh!WE NEED WAKEFIELD BACK SOON!
    Btw i changed my account it is still me!

    -kaylee(boston puppy)


    NEED I SAY MORE!david wells needs to retire though!

    -boston puppy


    I hate ths ******* jason Johnson guy!!!!!!!Why the **** is he in the major leagues??????we sent him down now he is back up and ***** NOw Varitek and TROT NIXON are hurt great!!!!!!!!!!!!We need a catcher now.
    -boston Puppy(aka kaylee)

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