Check out BPS for a little hatred…

Wow. All it takes is one idiotic Sawk fan to invade Yankee territory – check out the lastest post in Bleeding Pinstripes. Nasty stuff !!!!

Now for a question, I’ve got a chance to see the Yanks in Sept. at the stadium, via a Boston-based bus tour. Anybody from Sawk land ever venture to NYC with a group of Sawk fans? If so, just how did you survive ?????




    Josh BECKETT S*cks he cant ******* pitch!He gives up too many Home runs!The yankees are now in First place because of him!Why did the red sox just ezxtend his ccontract?????????He is not worth the money.I hear the sox aquired Javier Lopez from the O’s today.It will officially be announced tomorrow(friday).SChilling Friday for the sox hopefully not the schilling that pitched against the angels last weekend!


    If Javy Lopez is so good…why wasn’t he playing with the O’s??…just a thought…and Ras…I would say do it….but be prepared for that bus ride if per chance the Yanks don’t fare well that weekend…


    Jdcrows:That Is a good Question I think Theo is just looking for any catcher that can catch and hit cause Mirabelli or Huckaby cant hit.

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