Little League in Massachusetts

I like to read Sports Illustrated. I just read a column by Steve Rushin that reported that some towns in Massachusetts are banning the name Yankees from their youth baseball leagues, due to the fact that adults are booing the kids. In a recent letter to the editors, entitled "Childish Behavior" the following letter from a Jeff Zima, in Brighton, Mass. said " Youth baseball leaders have chosen to rid their leagues of the name Yankees because children are getting booed. By doing so, they are merely ensuring that the real problem – the immaturity of the townspeople – will continue for years to come. I truly hope these towns and townspeople are proud to have gotten national attention about this."

Unreal, huh? Just goes to show how DEEP the hatred for the Yankees runs up here in New England.


Comments, anybody ???



  1. Bill

    Guess I’ll post a comment to my own note. Can’t believe that nobody has any interest in this note.
    Ras #45

  2. Jai

    On the Sickness Scale, I think this rates pretty low, just below “portion sizes in the US” — about 4000 spots below “whatever Halliburton did today.”


    I wrote the letter to SI because the behavior of these townspeople disgust me. For too many generations they have felt such an insecurity based soley on a ******* baseball team, that they are now teaching their kids the same ways, even though their kids have seen the Red Sox win a WS. Being the lowly Sox fan is a badge of courage around here that people don’t want to forget, so they boo 8 year olds to make themselves remember. The towns in question should be truly embarrased by their new claim to fame, but they aren’t. They will still boo the kids at the yearly parade. The townspeople will still give 8 year olds a hard time when going for ice cream. It’s just their way. Losers are losers, and they only know how to be losers…so that’s what they teach their kids. What they don’t seem to realize is it has nothing to do with the Red Sox or Yankees, as we can see now that the Sox have won a WS recently. It has everything to do with people being losers in life, and knowing no other way.

  4. Bill


    Thanks for your post. I agree with you 100%. I see it in the so-called “adults” in Eastern Mass., but I haven’t witnessed the behavior towards kids firsthand. You got it right: they’re LOSERS, big time !!!

    Ras #45

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