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Little League in Massachusetts

I like to read Sports Illustrated. I just read a column by Steve Rushin that reported that some towns in Massachusetts are banning the name Yankees from their youth baseball leagues, due to the fact that adults are booing the kids. In a recent letter to the editors, entitled "Childish Behavior" the following letter from a Jeff Zima, in Brighton, Mass. said " Youth baseball leaders have chosen to rid their leagues of the name Yankees because children are getting booed. By doing so, they are merely ensuring that the real problem – the immaturity of the townspeople – will continue for years to come. I truly hope these towns and townspeople are proud to have gotten national attention about this."

Unreal, huh? Just goes to show how DEEP the hatred for the Yankees runs up here in New England.


Comments, anybody ???


Check out BPS for a little hatred…

Wow. All it takes is one idiotic Sawk fan to invade Yankee territory – check out the lastest post in Bleeding Pinstripes. Nasty stuff !!!!

Now for a question, I’ve got a chance to see the Yanks in Sept. at the stadium, via a Boston-based bus tour. Anybody from Sawk land ever venture to NYC with a group of Sawk fans? If so, just how did you survive ?????

Beware: Red Sawk “Nation” is a bit upset & whining this morning…

I find it a bit ironic that Theo didn’t pull the trigger to protect his "youth", and then Arod’s best pal, Varitek, is out for a month, along with Nixon. If he’s such a genius, he now deals his youth, without having the upper hand, as everyone in MLB will KNOW he now needs at least a front-line catcher….I’m hearing a lot of moaning and groaning, so tread softly Yankee fans, we’ll just keep winning and have the last laugh in October!

Fenway “fans” VS Yankee Stadium fans

Hi everybody. I haven’t been to The Stadium since back in the early 60’s (shame on me…but it’s a long $$$ story as to why I haven’t ventured south – I’ve wanted to, but I just always lack funds for it…). Up here in enemy territory, all the Sawk "fans" say that Yankee fans in The Stadium act as bad as the "fans" in Fenway do….I used to attend Sawk/Yankee games in NYC when I lived there, and I never saw the abuse these Sawk fans" say they’ve been subjected to. Can any Yankee fans enlighten us ????


Ras #45

PS: who can tell me why I sign "Ras #45" ????

“Friendly Fenway”

Anybody got any favorite stories from the bandbox? My favorite is one day I was sitting there during a Yankee/Sawk game, with none of my Yankee stuff on, and not outwardly rooting for my beloved Yanks. It took about 2 innings for a few creeps in back of me to start throwing beer on me. I went to an usher, and he turned his back on me. Unfortunately, I had to leave the game. Haven’t been back there since….

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First Post

This is my first attempt at having a blog, so please bear with me, OK? I belong to Bleeding Pinstripes, and thought I’d open up a blog just for suffering Yankee fans in New England. I’ve lived here over 30 years, and my experiences are many…

Here’s just 1: I was wearing my Yankee jacket the other day when an older man (and I’m 58) looked at me and said " What an ugly jacket !" I didn’t know what to say,but a friend had a quippy comeback for me if this ever happens again….just say, "Sir, this isn’t a jacket – it’s a mirror."

Anybody else want to share the hatred dumped upon us loyal Yankee fans in New England?

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